Brian Bourne

Since B1974 Brian has performed/recorded with:

Joint Effort, Red Rock Hotel, Redeye, Terry Hatty Band, The Press, Lennie Gallant, Rawlins Cross, Thom Swift, Charlie A'Court, Rasta Gumbo,J ohn Campbell John , Mary Jane Lamond, Ron Hynes, Morgan Davis, DRUM!, Squid, Nathan Wiley, Matt Andersen, Kim Wempe, Tutu Jones, James Harman, Super Chikan ,Daniel Lanois, Cheryl Gaudet, Ray Bonneville, Paul Reddick, Colin Linden, Terry Gillespie, Bill Stevenson, Sue Foley, Sonja Wood, Wayne Nicholson, Carlo Spinazolla, L'il Brian and the Zydeco Travellers, Max Weinberg, Junior Watson and The Hupman Bros.

Brian's main axe is the complicated Chapman Stick; a multi-stringed, wide-necked,finger tapped rig that covers bass and guitar parts. With multiple East Coast Music Awards and Juno nods, Brian has performed on over fifty albums and his personal odometer reads close to a million miles, (Canada, USA, Europe, South America), in the name of music.