James Logan on Recording "Diggin' the Dirt"

"Recording this album is going to be one of the most enjoyable projects I will have the opportunity to work on in a very long time.

This new album is going to bring us all back to our roots. The music we have arranged is becoming harder and harder to find, in both recorded and more so, live shows.

The songs we have written and chosen for the new album are born out of an era when live music flowed out of venues throughout our local scene – powerful music with an even more powerful vocal delivery.

Being part of this new album (for me) is in a way is about reviving a lost art – where a group of extremely talented musician get to rock out with no limits. Wayne, Doug and Brian will agree recording an album like this is what professional players are always looking to do.

With this album we are going to let the world know that the best of ‘old school’ bluesy rock’n roll still exists in the Maritimes."