More about Wayne and Past Projects


In 1970 Wayne joined the Truro jazz-rock band known as HORSE as lead vocalist and flautist. The original music written and produced by HORSE was compared to the likes of Lighthouse-Chicago-Blood Sweat & Tears HORSE was a super group of the early 70's in Nova Scotia's music scene.

In 2014 HORSE reunited to a record a 2cd live disc called “After All This Time”. The double album featured 16 original tracks, of which Wayne had a hand/credit in writing.


1976 Wayne got a call from Ritchie Oakley to come back east and front his high energy group self titled Oakley. Wayne’s ability as band front man and vocalist was becoming well known with OAKLEY. Friend and HORSE drummer Doug “Dog” McKay was also recruited by Ritchie Oakley to join the band. Often times their high energy act upstaged the headliners, and OAKLEY became known as a band you did not want to follow.

The 1980 ‘Oakley’ album went gold and became a favorite at rock radio and with the fans. The album still has a life of its own 35 years later.

In 2013 Halifax radio station Q104 FM awarded the Oakley Band with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

In 1991, it was time to go into the studio and cut his first solo album. The Matt Minglewood produced album Don’t Let Go followed. Co-writes with George Antoniak and with Bob Cameron & Dave Gallant (former Oakley Band guitarist) accounting for 7 of the albums 9 tracks.

Wayne goes Solo

Album: ‘Don’t Let Go’ (1991)
Produced by Matt Minglewood

Album: ‘Under The Influences’ (1995)
Produce by Loggerhead Records

Album: ‘I Drive’ (1998)

Album: ‘Playin’ it Cool’ (2006)
Produced by Grindstone Records

Fast forward ten years to 2016, which sees Wayne Nicholson and the band closest to his heart The East Enders with Doug “Dog” McKay on drums, Brian Bourne on Chapman Stick and James Logan on guitar. Enjoying a long standing residency at Monte’s in Waverly, N.S. Wayne Nicholson and the East Enders have attracted a regular crowd of faithful fans. Their matinee shows have become a happening for all those that appreciate great musicianship.

In the next two months Wayne Nicholson and the East Enders are endeavoring to record a much anticipated new album at Joel Plaskett’s New Scotland Yard studio in Dartmouth.

Wayne is currently working on digitizing all of his music and releasing them globally.